Products we Love


Litto Howler Leash

The Noctis Traffic Lead features a secondary traffic handle for more control, perfect for keeping me right next to mom in crowded places. It’s made of A grade rock-climbing rope and features an auto-locking carabiner with an attached swivel made of super lightweight aviation aluminum. Mom attaches another carabiner to the "O" Ring on the handle so that I can be hooked securely to objects or a waist pack for hands-free walkies!



Doggie Lawn

Mom got fed up with pee pads pretty early on (within a week of bringing me home), so she did some research and came across Doggie Lawn, a subscription service for fresh grass delivered straight to your door! This not only taught me how to go to potty outside on fresh grass, (instead of anything that resembled a pee pad), but also kept the stench out of our little apartment. We were also happy to know it wasn’t carrying any bugs or diseases that could be lurking in public potty areas that are dangerous for young pups.



Foot Protection

The pavement gets extremely hot here in Texas, now that summer’s arrived! Mom puts these Pawz boots on before our walks, and they protect my paws and also keep them clean! I refused to walk in thicker shoe-like boots, but these are thin and feel/look like balloons so I quickly got used to them. They can be a little tricky to put on at first, so we would only recommend them for doggos that don’t mind their feet being handled and won’t squirm too much. They could also tear easily if your nails are long, but 1 pack comes with 12!

A.C. Kerman - Pet Products


Fetching Fields

Mama and I absolutely love Fetching Fields. The bars are soft and made with certified organic, human-grade superfood ingredients without preservatives— so safe and nutritious that mom tried one too! It’s great to find an alternative to the animal-protein heavy treats on the market. We love a quality brand that promotes sustainability and activity, not to mention has beautiful packaging :)

Use code FETCHING10 to get 10% off your first order.


Apples and carrots are my favorite treats, but I grew up getting trained with Zuke’s mini naturals! I pulled all da tricks out for Zuke’s. And when I’ve been the bestest boy, the ultimate treat that will keep me occupied for hours (and also help clean my teefsies) are bone marrow bones! They last forever, and after I’ve licked it clean, mom fills the center with peanut butter and berries and freezes for later days :)


Whole Woof

One of my favorite all natural, zero-preservative dog treats using cage-free chicken breasts, grass-fed beef, and sweet potates!! Get 15% off your order with code bear15 :)


Deodorizing Bath Wipes

As you can tell, our home contains many light colored materials, such as our couch and rug! Mom (huge germophobe) keeps things clean by washing my feet, legs, and privates in the tub when we’ve come home from a long day out, but if I’m just going out to potty or for a walk, she uses these deodorizing bath wipes for a quick clean! Also great for travel or roadtrips.

Hint: You can tear each wipe in half to get double the usage out of your pack :)



Cowboy Magic

Anyone who has dealt with the wrath of matted fur, NEEDS this miracle product. The detangler glides easily, making brushing much more tolerable for you and your dood. Mom uses the Rosewater shampoo and conditioner to wash my feet everyday, and the Yellow-out shampoo keeps me creamy white. We love the whole Cowboy Magic line!!



The Andis steel comb has been mom’s number #1 tool for keeping my hair as mat-free as possible since I was a puppy (and I have never had to be shaved!) The key is to make sure the comb gets all the way down to the skin. She uses the Safari de-matting comb to thin and cut out any mats that do start to form around my legs, neck, or ears.



Virbac Toothpaste & Ear Cleaner

We keep my teefsies clean and breath fresh to death by brushing nightly with Virbac’s Enzymatic toothpaste (and a children’s toothbrush). I’ve been told I have quite the pearly whites :) I’ve never had an ear infection before, but mom stays on the preventive side by cotton swabbing my ears with a little Epi-Otic solution if my ears get wet during a bath.


My fwens are your fwens!


Car Products

This is the machine-washable seat cover mom uses to keep her car clean, and the seat belt tether to keep me safe and secure! It will latch to your harness. (And also keep the seat belt alarm from beeping when you’re a thicc boy like me).


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