Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep your beard/mustache/hair so creamy white?

This is by FAR my #1 most asked question! Since puphood, my facial hair has never stained or turned brown/yellow, so mom doesn’t do anything special, but she does wash my face and mouth with shampoo when we get home. She also washes my paws and lower legs in the tub because I track lots of dust and dirt from outside.

Mom takes me to get a bath, groom, and nail trim every 6 weeks. She asks for a full-body scissor cut no shorter than 2”, and the face kept shaggy. I have never been shaved. Mom trims my eyes every 2-3 weeks using small scissors (Tweezerman eyebrow trimming scissors).

How often do you get a bath and haircut? Face trim?

Regular grooming keeps my hair a manageable length, but when it’s longer, mom has to brush my hair at least every other day with a metal comb. It must go all the way down to the skin, and any knots forming can be taken out with a de-matting comb. See our favorite grooming products here!

How do you keep from getting matted?

I got used to frequent toothbrushing, brushing, ear and paw checks, wipes and baths from the day I came home, with many treats and pats in between.

How did you learn to stay still while being groomed?

I am 50 lbs of majestic floof and have stopped growing.

How much do you weigh?

I do moderately shed, especially when the seasons change. This is likely because I’m half Golden Retriever, which are known to shed year round. I like to leave little tumbleweeds around the house, all over moms pants, and little hair mementos in her eyes and mouth.

Do you shed?

West Elm! Mom is a lover of interior design. Most of our furniture and decor is from West Elm and CB2.

Where is your rug from?

Mom was very diligent with training from the day I came home. She never gave into barks and whines, and silently ignored all bad/unwanted behaviors. This way, I learned that bad behavior meant no attention. I graduated puppy school and became an AKC S.T.A.R. pup at Smart Dog Dallas, and most recently completed boot camp at Sit Means Sit Dallas, where I learned proper leash-walking and social manners :) We highly recommend Eli & SMS!

How did you become the goodest boy?

We made eye contact and I melted into her arms, and that was the beginning of everything. Also I had the chubbiest head.

How did mom know you were “the one”?

Sony A7rii and a Canon g7x ii. VSCO and Adobe Lightroom to edit. Photography has been a hobby of hers since high school.

What camera / program to edit does your mom use?

The incredibly sweet and talented Jang and Fox :)

Who created your beautiful artwork?

Anywhere from 18 to 49.

How many times a day do you require your snoot to be booped?

I think most pups will eventually grow out of the teething/biting phase, but similar to my answer on training above, whenever I was super nippy or jumpy, mom would just get up/turn around and walk away. Bad behavior = no attention :( Treats when I sat down or played with my toys.

Tips on teething and being mouthy? Jumping on people?

Will you host a meet-up?

STAY TUNED! This is a tough one for mom because she is a full-time dentist and practice-owner working Monday through Saturday, but it is definitely a bucket list item, and she will try to announce when we are out and about town on occasion. You CAN find me at the office sniffing for cavities sometimes though. If you live in Dallas and are looking for a dentist, send us a message :)

There was a list of potential names before meeting me, including Jon Snow, Ghost, and Willoughby. (But I was always destined to be a Bear).

How did you get your name?

Are you a Trojan legacy?

Proud Trojan dog!!! Mama went to USC for undergrad and dental school. We don’t speak about the bears across town.

No. Most days I go to grandma and grandpa’s house to play while mom’s at work, sometimes I go to the offices with her, and sometimes I stay home!

Do you go to doggy daycare?

I love when grandma gives me an apple (peeled and cored) and carrots :)

What’s your favorite treat?

Anyone willing to devote the time and energy into us fun, loving doods! It won’t be hard, but we do require lots of exercise, training, and play to keep our smart minds busy and not bored (leading to chewing and destruction), and grooming maintenance. Doodles are the most loyal, lovable, cuddly, and goofy dogs EVER. We will make you laugh and smile on your worst days, promise.

What type of person would suit a Goldendoodle?