I’m Bear 😊 and this is my mom, Jennifer. I am an F1 Medium English Cream Goldendoodle, which means I’m half Poodle, half English Cream Golden Retriever (aka half cloud/half polar bear) and she is 100% hooman. I weigh 50 lbs full-size. I was born near Ft. Worth, Texas at Lonestar Doodles on August 25th, 2017, and now we live in Dallas. I am President of the Molar Bear Club, fighting enamel cruelty with mom, who fixes hooman teeth full-time. I came into her life as an emotional support animal, and helped her recover from grief. She raised me from eight weeks old to be the goodest boy, and I brightened up her universe. My goal in life is to give all the love in the world I can and bring a smile to everyone’s face :) I tell not-your-average dad jokes and have been told I’m pretty punny. I’ve got a bunch of wild friends, and I especially love peanut budder, apples, and balls.

Will you be my friend?